Instructor and Teaching Assistant

Bill Szaroletta, P.E.

Anna Kuuttila, (T.A.)


Course Objectives

  • Introduction to Developing and Marketing Data-Driven Applications and Agency Services for:
    • Interactive Dashboards
    • Mobile Apps for Local Businesses
    • Chatbots (Conversational Marketing)
  • Creating a Webinar to Market Your a Data-Driven Application Agency
  • Learn how to effectively pitch your ideas and techniques to help you record a professional, 90 second pitch video to Pitch Your Business

Course Grading:

  • Seven assignments.
    • Assignments will encompass the four course books, the above course topics, and some new E-commerce trends.
    • Note: you will be expected to purchase at least two domain names for about $11.00 each
  • Course Grading Scale:

    A+: >97   A: 93-97  A-: 90-93  B+: 87-90  B: 83-87  B-: 80-83 C+: 77-80  C: 73-77  C-: 70-73  D+: 67-70  D: 63-67  D-: 60-63  F: <60

Course Assignments:

Course Books (required for Assignments)

  • All four CSB-App books are directly linked to Amazon's site so you add them to your "shopping cart" one at a time and purchase them at the same time. 
  • Perry Marshall's 80/20 book was linked to a special on Marshall's site with pricing of only one cent plus shipping & handling, but that special has expired.

No Prerequisites

Technical Skills should include ability to set up a Google account, perform basic web searches, and use Excel

Technical Requirements include:

  • A high speed Internet connection is highly recommended.
  • Any computer capable of running a recently updated web browser should be sufficient to access your online course.  However, bear in mind that processor speed, amount of RAM and Internet connection speed can greatly affect performance. Many locations offer free high-speed Internet access including UNM’s Computer Pods.

For UNM Learn Technical Support: (505) 277-0857 (24/7) or use the “Create a Tech Support Ticket” link in your course.

Web Conferencing

Web conferencing will be used in this course during the following times and dates:

For the online sessions, you will need:

  • A USB headset with microphone. Headsets are widely available at stores that sell electronics, at the UNM Bookstore or online.
  • A high-speed internet connection is highly recommended for these sessions.   A wireless Internet connection may be used if successfully tested for audio quality prior to web conferencing.
  • For UNM Web Conference Technical Help: (505) 277-0857

Tracking Course Activity UNM Learn automatically records all students’ activities including: your first and last access to the course, the pages you have accessed, the number of discussion messages you have read and sent, web conferencing, discussion text, and posted discussion topics. This data can be accessed by the instructor to evaluate class participation and to identify students having difficulty.

Coursework and Participation

Instructor Response Time

The TA and I routinely check the course for postings or emails, Monday (8 am) – Friday (12 pm) and sometimes on the weekend.  You can anticipate a 24 to 48 hour response from the TA or me,

Monday – Thursday.  I will try and respond to all weekend (Friday afternoon to Sunday) emails and postings by noon on Monday or earlier.

Procedures for Completing Coursework


  • unexcused late work gets penalized 3% points per week until the entire amount is zeroed out.
  • there are no tests or exams in this course
    • If a student anticipates a difficulty meeting a deadline, the TA and I require at least 3 days notice using Learn's communication.  
    • All written work needs to be submitted online in either Word (or PDF), PowerPoint, or Excel format. If you have a difficulty using a tool to complete work, use the “Create a Tech Support Ticket” link in the Course Menu immediately and notify your instructor as well.

Please see the Learn or https://createsellbank/csb-app for more details.

NOTE: When you submit an assignment via UNM Learn, you will receive an email receipt of your submission from  Save this email as confirmation of your submission.

Expectations for Participation:

  • time required (9-12 hrs per week)
  • students are expected to learn how to navigate in Learn
  • students are expected to keep abreast of course announcements
  • students are expected to use the Learn course email as opposed to a personal email address
  • students are expected to keep instructor informed of class related problems, or problems that may prevent the student from full participation
  • students are expected to address technical problems immediately
  • students are expected to observe course netiquette at all times 


  • Link to Netiquette document:

UNM Policies

Title IX: Gender Discrimination

In an effort to meet obligations under Title IX, UNM faculty, Teaching Assistants, and Graduate Assistants are considered “responsible employees” by the Department of Education (see pg. 15 This designation requires that any report of gender discrimination which includes sexual harassment, sexual misconduct and sexual violence made to a faculty member, TA, or GA must be reported to the Title IX Coordinator at the Office of Equal Opportunity (

For more information on the campus policy regarding sexual misconduct, see:

Copyright Issues

All materials in this course fall under copyright laws and should not be downloaded, distributed, or used by students for any purpose outside this course.


The American with Disabilities Act (ADA) is a federal anti-discrimination statute that provides comprehensive civil rights protection for persons with disabilities. Among other things, this legislation requires that all students with disabilities be guaranteed a learning environment that provides for reasonable accommodations of their disabilities. If you have a disability requiring accommodation, please contact the UNM Accessibility Resource Center in 2021 Mesa Vista Hall at 277-3506 or .  Information about your disability is confidential.

Academic Misconduct

You should be familiar with UNM’s Policy on Academic Dishonesty and the Student Code of Conductwhich outline academic misconduct defined as plagiarism, cheating, fabrication, or facilitating any such act.    

UNM Policies: This course falls under all UNM policies for last day to drop courses, etc. Please see or the UNM Course Catalog for information on UNM services and policies. Please see the UNM academic calendar for course dates, the last day to drop courses without penalty, and for financial disenrollment dates.

UNM Resources

CAPS Tutoring Services

CAPS is a free-of-charge educational assistance program available to UNM students enrolled in classes. Online services include the Online Writing Lab, Chatting with or asking a question of a Tutor.

UNM Libraries

Student Health & Counseling (SHAC) Online Services

All students are welcome in this class regardless of citizenship, residency, or immigration status.  Your professor will respect your privacy if you choose to disclose your status.   As for all students in the class, family emergency-related absences are normally excused with reasonable notice to the professor, as noted in the attendance guidelines above.  UNM as an institution has made a core commitment to the success of all our students, including members of our undocumented community.  The Administration’s welcome is found on our website: