New Mexico Small Business Recovery Course

The University of New Mexico's Innovation Academy and STC.UNM are offering a special course to help New Mexico businesses at this critical time for our state's economic recovery. This is made possible thru a grant from the Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration called the NM EDA Rainforest University Center.

During this time of economic uncertainty, many New Mexico small businesses need to build or increase their online presence to offset a decline in retail in-person traffic, as well as grow businesses beyond New Mexico borders. The UNM online course for the community, New Mexico Small Business Recovery: Take and Expand your Business Online, will teach businesses e-commerce techniques including developing storefronts and driving traffic to your store.

Other Details

This course is open to anyone in the community and available completely online. You will need to be able to access the internet and have a microphone/headset, small video camera or PC camera or tablet/smartphone.

The course will begin on April 6, 2020 and conclude May 15, 2020. The course can be done on your own time and there is no set meeting time other than as scheduled throughout the program.


The course is being offered at our cost of $17 and includes a one-year domain name for your storefront. The 6-week course runs from April 6-May 15.

Instructor and Teaching Assistant

Bill Szaroletta, P.E.

Anna Kuuttila, (T.A.)

Course Objectives

The course will combine two highly-rate business texts with hands-on exercises to help businesses learn the basics of:
-innovation processes and design thinking
-evaluating needs to putting their business online
-developing unique selling propositions or USP
-constructing online business models
-researching and selecting a high-value, keyword-rich domain name
-developing an online web presence including an e-commerce storefront
-driving traffic to your online store through a combination of social media interaction and paid ads.
-identifying resources where businesses can get expert help for online business planning, USP development, logo design, website development, storefront development, social media marketing, paid ads, etc..


Prerequisites and Technical Skills:

No Prerequisites

Technical Skills should include ability to set up a Google account, perform basic web searches, and use Excel

Technical Requirements include:

  • A high speed Internet connection is highly recommended.
  • Supported browsers include: Firefox, Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Safari.
  • Any computer capable of running a recently updated web browser should be sufficient to access your online course.  However, bear in mind that processor speed, amount of RAM and Internet connection speed can greatly affect performance. Many locations offer free high-speed Internet access including UNM’s Computer Pods.


CSB Community Books (required for Assignments)

  • Both Tanner Larsson's E-Commerce Evolved and Perry Marshall's 80/20 Sales & Marketing books are basically free plus shipping & handling.  


Course Outline:

Week 1: Warmup and Assessment

Visualization Exercises

Innovation Processes & Design Thinking

Evaluating Needs to Putting Business Online

  • Readings:
    • 80/20 Sales and Marketing: Chapters 1-8
    • E-Commerce Evolved: Introduction, 12 Core Principles of E-Commerce
  • Lecture Videos

Week 2:  All About Domains

Domain Research, Coming up with Name, Valuation

Developing Unique Selling Propositions (USP)

Researching & Selecting a High-Value, Keyword-Rich Domain Name

  • Reading: 80/20 Sales and Marketing: Chapters 9-18
  • Lecture Videos:

Week 3: Setting Up Your Store, Part 1

Setting up E-Commerce store in category

Developing an Online Web Presence Including an E-Commerce Storefront

  • Reading: 80/20 Sales and Marketing: Chapters 19-Appendix
  • Lecture Videos:

Week 4: Setting Up Your Store, Part 2

Building out E-Commerce store

Constructing Online Business Models

  • Reading: E-Commerce Evolved: Part 1 (Chapters 1-4)
  • Lecture Videos:

Week 5: Social Media Marketing, Part 1

Setting up social media associated with store, YouTube Channel, how to create short videos, Blog, Facebook Fan Page, Instagram & Pinterest accounts, LinkedIn, Twitter, MailChimp, SurveyMonkey, Canva, Pixabay, Pixel

Developing an Online Presence

  • Reading: E-Commerce Evolved: Part 2 (Chapters 5-7)
  • Lecture Videos:

Week 6: Social Media Marketing, Part 2 & Intro to Online Ads

Setting up Facebook/Instagram Ads, Fiverr & other related services

Driving Traffic to your Store through a Combination of Social Media Interaction and Paid Ads

Identifying Resources where Businesses can get Expert Help

  • Reading: E-Commerce Evolved: Part 3 (Chapters 8-10) & Final Thoughts
  • Lecture Videos: